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Game Changer!
The BLENDIVINE is a sponge hybrid made of 2 surfaces to apply and blend BOTH wet and dry makeup. A silicon side which is suitable for wet makeup (foundation, concealer, primer, creams, mousse), and a sponge side for dry (all powder types) makeup. The sponge side can even be used for wet makeup if you desire!
Start using the silicon side to apply your wet products e.g. foundation or concealer, and dab the product onto the desire area using your fingertip. Since the silicon cannot soak up any product, you are going to need less makeup than usual. Begin to spread the product over the area using a sweeping motion. To blend out the product, tap and roll the sponge over the face, pressing the foundation into the skin. Do this until product has been worked into the skin and no lines are visible, and move onto the next area. If you have applied too much product by mistake before blending, you can use the sponge side to soak up any excess.To fix the foundation or concealer with powder, you now use the sponge side of the BLENDIVINE. Take up powder and then using circular and sweeping motions, spread the powder over the desired area.
Packaging / Other
• 1 BLENDIVINE in transparent PVC pouch      

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