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  • Blendtastic
  • Blendtastic
  • Blendtastic
  • Blendtastic

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The Blendtastic is ideal for applying and blending foundation and concealer. The unique teardrop shape lets you reach the smaller (around the eyes and nose) and larger areas (cheeks and forehead) without any problems. For a natural look without a ‘cakey’ effect, apply the makeup to the Blendtastic, and with stroking and dabbing motions gently apply and blend.


As the name implies, the Blendtastic is the perfect tool to apply and blend foundation and concealer. The incredibly soft and non-porous silicon surface ensures an even and beautiful result, while not wasting any of your precious makeup.


Caring for the Blendtastic is super easy and convenient, wash it with soap under running water, and then gently dry it with a towel. The regular care ensures a healthy complexion and long product life cycle, enabled through the unique non-porous surface which does not pick up any makeup, and therefore avoids any bacteria buildup.

Packaging / Other

• 1 PVC pouch.
• Blendtastic is made out of high-grade medical silicon.



Great products, for a long time I was critical of brushes & applicators. I thought that makeup was best applied with fingers. LAURENA products prove the opposite, beautiful application and great value!
‘You are only as good as your tools’. And these products are top quality! I have already recommended LAURENA to fellow MUAs, clients and makeup bloggers.
MUA - Debby Hayes
You can‘t do anything wrong with Laurena brushes, I adore them! #highendquality #musthave #greatvalue #supersoft #stylish

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